14 February 2012

urgent press release/statement from slabbed new media l.l.c.


*** UPDATE: slabbed.org back online as of 5:32 am cst wednesday 15 february 2012 ***
UPDATE: A quick note from your 1st Amendment refugee moderator, Sop at Slabbed New Media
Slabbed.Org has been disabled due to Libel Tourism

To: all regarding the inquiries about Slabbed.Org and selected Bloggers/members of the media:

Charles Leary of Trout Point faxed a Canadian court order against me personally to Blue Host, my new webhost yesterday.

They knee jerked and disabled the domain.

Webhosts as a general rule do not like to be in legal pissing contests but I am holding their feet to the fire couching this as Free Speech and Journalism in the Public Interest.

This represents the line in the sand for Slabbed and comes at a time when our reporting on the major political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish has borne fruit, especially our exploration of the defamation case filed by Aaron Broussard business associates Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret against Louisiana Media Company LLC aka Fox 8 New Orleans which has exposed several conspirators involved in the ongoing Federal Investigation.

This is uncharted legal area for US based web hosts.

They know they can not act without a domesticated court order but they really do not want to end up in a legal pissing contest.

Blue Host is in consultations with my lawyer and are hopefully having second thoughts as I have not violated their Terms of Service.

There have been several people that have taken it upon themselves to call Bluehost.com at (888) 401-4678 to complain. The TOS department is option 5.

I am on twitter in the interim @slabbedblog.

Also Ignatius Reilly has created a free speech in exile page for the Slabbed Nation.


He has also posted on the Slabbed takedown:


You can help by calling Bluehost and politely registering your displeasure. Also you can help by getting the word out to your readers and trusted associates.

I have been in communication with Blue Host Legal and we hope to have this matter resolved today.

In any event I will be filing for a TRO ASAP as part of my Complaint for Declaratory relief under the SPEECH Act of 2010 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi.

Unfortunately Slabbed may be down in the interim until I can get a court ruling on the TRO motions.

Doug Handshoe
Slabbed New Media LLC
Post Office Box 788
Wiggins, MS 39577
developing ... more later ...

UPDATE: the neocon/zionist propaganda website thehayride.com has picked up the story and provides a pretty decent post

UPDATE-2: cenlabriarpatch.com slabbed.org has been disabled because of the actions of a canadian court