02 February 2012

larry sinclair news group interview of florida "newt groupie"

our friend larry sinclair recently retooled and relaunched what was his personal website into the larry sinclair news group.

mr. sinclair has taken on some conservative writers and contributors and they are really doing well.

while wst... in no way supports newt's a hoot gingrich, flip romney and rick [i should be in a] sanitarium or barky, the below interview conducted by mr. sinclair with florida republican, flora reece about her concerns with what the republican party has done, is doing and where it's headed, should, in republican or conservative circles at least, be required viewing.

hopefully, more and more of your rank-and-file conservative people finally start to get a clue and begin to understand that there really is no difference between the democratic party and the republican party.
Uploaded by TheLarrySinclair on Feb 1, 2012

Self described "Newt Groupie" Flora Reece says she will fight for Gingrich all the way to the convention in Tampa in August.

Ms. Reece says that she and other "Gingrich" conservatives have discussed the possibility of breaking from the GOP and establishing a separate "Conservative" party if Mitt Romney is forced on them by GOP Establishment.

Sinclair News spoke with Ms. Reece at Newt's "Victory Party" in Orlando Tuesday night as the campaign watched the FL GOP Primary results come in.

FOX News called the primary for Mitt Romney as soon as the polls in the western Florida panhandle closed at 8:00pm ET. ~ read more
larry sinclair is the florida, (formerly duluth, minnesota) man who alleges several drugs and same sex, sexual encounters with then state senator barack obama in illinois in november, 1999.