21 March 2012

alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy 4th supplemental and amending petition vs councilman roosevelt johnson revealed

when we first posted about mayor roy's fourth supplemental and amending petition back on 24 january 2012 the mayor's petition wasnt on the rapides clerk of court website -- despite its being filed in november 2011.

it is on there now ... and wow! councilman roosevelt johnson is in deep trouble if the mayor can civilly prove not all but just some of his allegations.

if mayor roy wins, councilman johnson will likely have to "forfeit his office" and perhaps even face criminal charges;

not only councilman johnson but also councilman edward larvadain, iii and councilwoman mitzi gibson are named as co-conspirators.

it appears to be quite possible that mayor roy could have all three removed from office. wouldnt that be something?

shame, shame on gannett/the town talk and kalb for shirking their journalistic responsibly and instead suppressing and covering up the news of reporting this extremely important court filing concerning the inner workings of city of alexandria, la. government.

the mayor's petition begins from page nineteen of the .pdf.