26 March 2012

wild honeybees 2012

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we already have since at least 2005 one wild honeybee hive in the yard and if this one decides to take up housekeeping nearby there's nothing we can do about it.

actually, honeybees are preferable to carpenter bees that drill holes in every piece of wood they can find.

this gardner is convinced that honeybees are highly intelligent and can recognize human faces and we dont doubt that at all.

we can say that since we first noticed the wild hive in our yard that they've not stung or swarmed us. this could be because they are familiar with us as they see us around all the time.

one time last summer we brought in the hummingbird feeder to refill it and didnt notice that two honeybees had stowed away on the bottom until we got to the kitchen sink and they flew up into the window.

after we finished washing it out and refilling it we held the feeder up to them and they both hopped on and rode it back outside where we rehung it.

nope we dont want any trouble with the bees.