13 March 2012

fired piyush "bobby" jindal govermental appointee martha manuel speaks out

martha manuel is the former executive director of the governor’s office of elderly affairs who was fired last week cos she didnt learn how to push pi properly.

The Governor moved her department into the State Department of Health and Hospitals without giving her any input.

When legislators asked her under oath in a committee hearing about her opinion of the move, she said it would be detrimental to the elderly.

She was fired by Jindal the next morning for giving honest answers to a legislative committee.

Obviously Jindal wants his administration to sing the exact same tune regardless of personal opinion, the facts or their duty to tell the truth. ~ read more
so ms. manuel did what any red blooded american would do these days -- she started a blog to get her version of events out and went on talk radio.

link to audio download page