17 March 2012

iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad summoned to appear before the iranian parliament

on 14 march 2012, in an unprecedented and historic event, the iranian parliament -- after twelve attempts, finally managed to summon president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, before it to answer some ten questions:

(1) the budget iran's subway was supposed to receive;

(2) the 1.6 million jobs the government claims to have created;

(3) the money that was supposed to have been redirected from subsidy reform to industry and agriculture;

(4) the president's eleven day sit-in that defied the orders of the leader regarding iran's intelligence minister;

(5) the president's comment on the parliament's power;

(6) the delayed nomination in appointing a sports and youth minister;

(7) the $1.2 billion dollars allocated to cultural affairs in the annual budget;

(8) the dismissal of the foreign minister, manouchehr mottaki, while in senegal;

(9) the president's criticism on live t.v. of the conduct of iran's moral police;

(10) the comments made by the president's chief of staff about the iranian way of being a muslim.
the similarities between iranian governmental goings on and those of the alexandria, la., city council and mayor are striking.

it makes us wonder if the iranian parliament has been observing and getting tips from the alexandria city council on how to conduct an investigation of its executive - or vice versa -- because they both dont seem to accomplish much of anything.

also, it's amusing how president ahmadinejad and mayor roy are so alike in how they are both arrogant and long-winded; yet are smart enough -- or perhaps blessed by good fortune, to manage time-and-time-again to make complete and utter fools out of their opposition.

we guess that politicians the world over really are all cut from the same cloth.