26 March 2012

UPDATED deadly accident captured by police dashcam

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This is a video taken by a State Trooper dashcam.

See how quickly one's life ends by taking their eyes off the road for a split second …

UPDATE: 10 april 2012 snopes.com forum: russian car accident
Looks to be accurate, but the news link I've found is in Russian, so there's some translation haziness to be had, so some of this might not be 100% definitive.

Best I can tell the accident occurred on the M-7 Highway in Russian near a village called Omutishi in the Petushinsky district of Russia, about 190 miles west of Moscow.

On February 12, 2012, about 6:20 p.m local time, a Nissan Navara SUV driven by a 32 year old Moscow resident identified only as Alexander did lose control, briefly made contact with what the article calls "a Gazelle" which I'm assuming is a make or model name of a vehicle or a translation quirk, and then drifted into the oncoming lane where it was hit head on by a Freightliner Big Rig. The driver of the SUV was killed and the driver of the Big Rig suffered moderate injuries.

I can't figure out exactly from the article where the video came from. The article mentions a "Office of Traffic Police" but I can't tell if that means it's a dashcam video from a police car or that's where the report is coming from.

Apparently this particular stretch of road is notorious for it's accidents, being the site of several deadly accidents in recent years, including a bus crash that killed 12 in 2009, a crash that killed a family of 3 in 2007 including a famous Russian actor named Aleksandr Dedjushko. ~ read more
UPDATE-2 11 april 2012 youtube inexplicably banned this important video due to a vague "violation of community guidelines."

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