01 July 2012

alexandria police department stops distribution of new "cenla's bottom line" newspaper

according to bob madison on friday's talkback 970 pre-show with fred and bob program, 'cenla's bottom line' "is a new newspaper in town [supposedly] it's the same version of the ouachita parish - monroe version. it's loaded with color mug shots and other types of things ... it's going to be coming out every week." [clip.mp3 1.39 mb]

according to a recent facebook posting on the "cenla's bottom line" facebook page the first issue was released on friday 29 june 2012 at the following locations:

Jackson & Bolton
Jackson & Texas
Masonic & Lee
Masonic & Texas
and other busy intersections around town.
in a follow-up facebook posting today, it says that apd made them stop distributing their paper friday.

monday, (02 july 2012) they will be out again attempting to find area merchants to sell their paper.

for more information on how to get a copy or if you are or know of an area merchant who might be interested in carrying their paper -- email them at cenlabottomline@gmail.com and view the cenla's bottom line facebook page.