31 July 2012

apd cop; city of alexandria, la., sued for 2011 post oak boulevard shooting

we'd have to listen to the 911 call as well as view any video that the city has on this incident before we could form an opinion about this case.

however, from reading the petition, it's clear that you really shouldnt phone up 911 -- "in the midst of a psychotic episode," tell them that you're suicidal and then to prove that you're serious, shoot your shotgun off in the operators ear and expect pleasant things to happen when the police arrive. but hey you're having a "psychotic episode."

next time try calling the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1800-273-8255 anytime 24/7.

in some neighborhoods a neighbor would have already shot you for being crazy before the police ever became involved.


billy gunn wrote a news report about this incident in the 21 july 2011 edition of the gannett/alexandria daily town talk.

it appears that shel randal bohannon was shot in the upper leg, by, according to mr. bohannon's petition, apd corporal william chris wolf "with a 5.56 millimeter tactical round fired from a colt m16a2 'commando' rifle."
click here to download eight page .pdf [172 kb]

this petition is filed on mr. bohannon's behalf by j. craig jones, esq., of oakdale, louisiana and is allotted to ninth judicial district court judge mary lauve doggett.
updated to add the phone # and link to the national suicide prevention lifeline