16 July 2012

former head buckeye; ash football coach chris gatlin sues david daily for defamation over spreading rumors of bullying & steroid use in school

this case by mutual consent was recently transferred to ninth judicial district court; allotted to judge harry randow from alexandria, la., city court.

the whole thing sounds like a bunch of baloney to us and apparently, all parties have the resources to hire local attorneys who can and will make a proceeding into a big production.

in his reconventional demand and third pary demand [page 74], mr. daily states that he runs some sort of financial investment business and that coach gatlin "suggested" to his clients to transfer their accounts.

also mr. daily and his wife tracy claim that their son drayton daily was retaliated against because they reported coach gatlin and others alleged inappropriate behavior.

now you know why dueling -- which would appear to have been a remedy called for here -- was outlawed -- so lawyers could get rich off a bunch of bullshit.

click here to download 87 page .pdf [1.90 mb]