02 July 2012

nola civil district judge lloyd medley rules that nola mayor half moon landrieu's city hall violated La R.S. 44:1 et seq the public records law

as far as we can tell there's been no pleadings from this case posted online. the main stream media is never going to "report" the whole story; so from what we can gather what happened is that a times-picayune reporter, brendan mccarthy, filed an La. R.S. 44:1 et seq., public records request for the La. R.S. 44:3(4)(a)(b)(i) - (vii) "initial report" about an incident that occurred in new orleans on 19 april 2012.

"city hall" eventually produced what they represented to be the initial report. however, it was redacted in violation of the law.

the courts and districts attorney should take violations of louisiana's public records law more seriously than they do. elected officials and their quislings who willfully violate the public records law should be charged with malfeasance in office, arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned.