22 July 2012

sunday matinée: the green pastures (1936)

a classic film set in louisiana

from the film opening: "a fable by marc connelly - suggested by roark bradford's southern sketches 'ol' man adam an' his chillun'' with the hall johnson choir.

god appears in many forms to those who believe in him. thousands of negroes in the deep south visualize god and heaven in terms of people and things they know in their everyday life. the green pastures is an attempt to portray that humble, reverent conception."
Sadly, many people aren't able to see past the racial stereotypes in the film to see the "big picture".

This film is without a doubt one of the purest, most innocent depictions of faith that I've seen in a very long time.

The Bible stories of Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses and others are shown through the eyes of a child attending her Sunday school class.

What better show of faith can one have than through the eyes of a child?

The role of God is played by the great Rex Ingram. Even with the somewhat stereotypical dialogue, he plays the part with a quiet, simple dignity that both inspires and moves ones emotions to the point of tears.

This "forgotten" classic should be seen as the young girl in the film, through the eyes and faith of a child. ~ source: internet movie database commenter keithbryantm
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