19 November 2011

19 november 2011 rapides parish election results

rapides parish results
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wagner 45.93 (17,100) hilton 54.07% (20,129)
all 113 precincts in

9:31 wagner 46 hilton 54
111 of 113 precincts

9:23 wagner 47 hilton 53
hooter 64 stewart 36
109 of 113 precincts

9:19 wagner 47 hilton 53
hooter 65 stewart 35
101 of 113 precincts

9:09 wagner 48 hilton 52
hooter 64 stewart 36
78 of 113 precincts

8:59 wagner 50 hilton 50
hooter 66 stewart 34
54 of 113 precincts

8:51 wagner 51 hilton 49
hooter 67 stewart 33
35 of 113 precincts

8:41 wagner 51 hilton 49
hooter 66 stewart 34
17 of 113 precincts

8:35 wagner 50 hilton 50
hooter 66 stewart 34
8 of 113 precincts

8:15 wagner 51% hilton 49%
hooter 66 stewart 34
0 of 113 precincts

8:00 pm cst polls close across louisiana


sheriff - sheriff chuck wagner the incumbent
we've written before why we will not support former sheriff william earl hilton or any of his cronies for sheriff. it centers on his in perpetuity slave sales tax scam that this treasonous, traitorous rat together with his criminal friends on the rapides parish police jury back in 2002 sprung on the people of this parish. because of what these criminals did the city of alexandria and rapides parish now have (so far) three in perpetuity slave tax scams. people that are not even born yet will have to pay as well as collect these taxes with out ever being given the opportunity to vote on it. it's nothing but stealing. it's contrary to everything this country was founded upon as well as taxation without representation.

clerk of court - non ballot
these two candidates are career tax feeders and if you think they are going to look out for anyones interests other than the courthouse gangs' you need to have your head examined. additionally, candidate linda lin dyess stewart's repeated reaching out to the alexandria, la. shyster, grifting greg aymond for support is evidence to us that she is not an honest, respectable person. further reinforcing this belief is aymond's unethical attempt apparently on behalf of the dyess machine at smearing robin hooter as a racist using what appears to be a staged (or photoshopped) photo involving of all things the confederate flag is just too incredible for words.

police jury district "c" craig smith. again a crap shoot.

constitutional amendment no. 1 yes

the other one was a tax measure for pineville schools that we would have voted no to but it wasnt applicable to our address.