08 November 2011

grifting along ... with the alexandria la shyster greg aymond

alexandria, la. shyster greg aymond is desperate to get your eyes off the green ball

yesterday, the alexandria, la. shyster gregory ray aymond aka puddin-headed-jibba-jabba, unethically cast doubt on the honesty of rapides parish police juror-elect sean mcglothlin.

aymond unethically posted what he claimed to be an "anonymous" email that he claims to have received which raised unsubstantiated allegations about mr. mcglothlin such as supposedly that:
there's NO record of him ever registering his business or getting an occupational license.

McGlothlin and his wife operate the Palm Cafe at the Alexandria Zoo. It's in his WIFE's name. It's reported that they have not paid ANY local sales tax on the business since they took over January 1, 2009. And what about State Sales tax? Was that paid?

And how were they able to get the concession at the City owned Zoo? Was anyone else considered?

The state may possibly take action against McGlothlin, along with the Parish."
of course for someone of aymond's self professed superior intelligence, education and ethics it would have seemed reasonable for him before posting something so flimsy to at least pay a visit to the rapides parish sales and use tax department and/or file an La. R.S. 44:1 et. seq public records request on the city to learn how the zoo's concession stand is set up as well as its accounting and tax reporting.

that would have been the responsible, ethical thing to have done and then reported if the email was true or not. notice how the email ends by implying that police juror-elect mcglothlin is possibly going to be on the receiving end of some sort of state action.

of course aymond is angry with mr. mcglothlin because he defeated aymond associate steve coco.

what's funny is that its probably never occurred to either aymond or coco that his defeat was likely the result of his association and at times collaboration with such a piece of shit like greg aymond. mr. coco's boring and bizarre blog probably didnt help much either.

bloggers over at cenlabriarpatch.com thought aymond's position queer. especially, in light of the recent $50k+ internal revenue service tax lien filed against aymond at the rapides parish courthouse.

according to the irs, aymond didnt pay form 1040 taxes for six consecutive years. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. wow.

aymond responded to the briarpatch's post as he typically does when he is exposed: sing a poor poor pitiful me song and attempt to explain it all away as if you really didnt read what you just read.

regular visitors to aymond's site must notice how he never takes personal responsibility for the consequences of his sinful behavior. his misfortune is always someone else's doing.

today it came out that aymond also didnt pay his form 1040 taxes for tax years 1992, 1993 and 1994 and the internal revenue service had to come after him and file tax liens against him back then too.

Greg Aymond IRS Tax Year 1992-93-94 Liens
click here to download three page .pdf [108 kb]

west group filed a petition against aymond in 1999 apparently due to his attempting to beat them out of over $5k for his law books.

West Group vs Gregory Aymond Petition Answer
click here to download three page .pdf [76 kb]

it appears that aymond's cousin and crooked pineville city court judge phillip terrell represented him in that.

it's unclear the final outcome of the case from the clerk of court's records but an anonymous email told us that reportedly aymond discharged his west group bill in his bankruptcy proceeding.

aymond received his law license in october 1986 and up till he had his famous brain fart in october 2008 he practiced his brand of law for twenty-two years.

according to the irs ... greg aymond didnt pay his taxes for ten of those calendar years or for 45% of the time -- they had to come after him.

all this from someone who constantly brags about how intelligent, well educated, ethical and honest he is yet who is a lot like a welfare queen sitting on his ass in front of his computer all day and all night trolling around, cyber terrifying, stalking, harassing, the very people who are paying taxes to fund his lifestyle.

it's crazy. besides that its evidence that all welfare and government handouts/entitlement programs should cease.