02 November 2011

"most americans just don’t care about government"

via: twitter @adambitely

a couple of weeks ago, washington, d.c., based conservative writer adam bitely married; the happy couple's honeymoon entailed a road trip through at least four states.

mr. bitely was refreshed to rediscover that:

In real America (anywhere outside of the political bubble of D.C.), regular folks are living life without needing the constant morphine drip of what is happening inside the halls of Congress.

It is in real America where one can learn how truly inconsequential Congress and the President truly are.

Certainly, the federal government makes decisions that impact millions of people, but in real America, Congress deserves an appropriate minimum time of attention. ~ read more
he ends his piece on a cautionary note:
The values of real America are lost on the people of D.C. It is perhaps for this reason that the policies that stream out of Washington on a daily basis are consistently poisonous to the truly better world that is real America.
this willful inattention to government or so called "voter apathy" by the citizenry in their failing to demand and watch that governments operate under the "values of real america" which is of course the constitution, is exactly why the federal, state and local governments are running amuck and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.