30 November 2011

1998 political lawsuit: pineville mayor-elect leo deslatte et al vs mayor fred baden et al

sometime after long term pineville, la. mayor fred baden was defeated in his reelection bid and before the new regime could take over, mayor baden seemingly reversed his long standing hatred for the union - specifically the american federation of state, county and municipal employees union.

according to the petition: "mayor baden, acting without the approval of the city council, privately met with a representative of the american federation of of state, county and municipal employees and committed to entering into a collective bargaining agreement. he then, for the first occasion in his twenty-one (21) years as mayor, permitted and encouraged the union representative to openly solicit union membership on city property and during employment hours."

naturally, the new regime of mayor-elect leo deslatte and city council members-elect joe bishop, carol jeukens cunningham and clarence fields didnt appreciate this development, so to stop it from happening, they got local attorney jimmy faircloth to file a petition for injunction.

that word "ultra vires" is latin and means "beyond the powers." the doctrine in the law of corporations that holds that if a corporation enters into a contract that is beyond the scope of its corporate powers, the contract is illegal. ~ source.

mayor baden was represented by chris roy, sr. the union by dan broussard and the city of pineville by gold, weems, bruser, sues and rundell attorney now federal judge dee drell. the judge was ninth judicial district court judge donald johnson.

this might be the case where the town talk reported that after one of the court proceedings that he won, mayor baden turned to, presumably mayor-elect deslatte and muttered words to the effect of "how did you like that asshole?"

wst... note: it appears that mayor fred baden's dilatory and peremptory exceptions filed by chris roy, sr., is in the .pdf twice.


pineville mayor-elect leo deslatte et al vs mayor fred baden et al 1998