03 December 2011

jonathan goins resigns from the alexandria, la. city council

by now everyone who follows local politics knows about alexandria, la., city councilman jonathan goins' sudden and unexpected resignation from the council.

it's too bad that mr. goins resigned his position especially in light of his hard fought court win against the lame attempt by the then district three incumbent charles fredrick "droopy draws" smith to have him disqualified.

"droopy draws" smith lost his "petition to disqualify candidate" at both the trial court and third circuit appeal court levels and mr. goins went on to defeat him (as well as the roy machine) at the ballot box by a 2 -1 margin.

as is often the case when a controversy involves a louisiana career tax feeder, mayor roy reincarnated "droopy draws" to head his safealex secret police stasi snitch program -- who knows it might have been some information gleaned on mr. goins through that which led to his resignation.

charles frederick smith was represented by roy sock puppet, george gaiennie, iii and mr. goins by controversial alexandria attorney, thomas d. davenport, jr.

the trial court judge was now retired ninth judicial district court judge, florence ray swent.


charles f. smith jr vs jonathan goins
click here to download ninety-two page .pdf [2.82 mb]

UPDATE: via kalb.com alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy issues the usual flowery worded verbose statement of nonsense about jonathan goins resignation
UPDATE-2 07 december 2011 - local blogger cenlamar spoke with mr. goins and posts about it see goins goin'.

UPDATE-3 la sec'y of state tom schedler puts to rest the jonathan goins alexandria city council resignation controversy