08 December 2011

tip of alexandria, la. dentist john p benjamin left index finger severed in air compressor mishap

this is terrible. we believe that dr. benjamin is a good man. a family man and avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting deer with his bow.

two years ago this coming april we severed the tip of our right ring finger while changing blades on the lawnmower. so we packed it in ice and carted it out the to va medical center where the surgeon, we cant recall his name at the moment but he is italian, sewed it back on. its as good as new and he even saved the fingernail.

the point is that we know all too well how terrifying and traumatic it is to experience something like this.

so why didnt campbell hausfeld, after dr. benjamin's repeated complaints about the defectivness of their air compressor just come pick it up?

we suppose that in time we'll find out the answer to that question.

the suit john p. benjamin, d.d.s. vs campbell hausfeld et al is in the ninth judicial district court in alexandria, la., and is assigned to judge george c. metoyer, jr.


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