07 December 2011

remembering uss liberty agtr-5

today is pearl harbor day and while we surmise it will be commemorated on lots of blogs and in the media, we choose instead, to honor our shipmates in another mostly forgotten and covered up "day of infamy" -- thursday, 08 june 1967.


the uss liberty was a spy ship on routine patrol in the mediterranean when it, its officers and men were attacked brutally and without provocation by the nation of israel. the purpose of the (false flag) attack by israel was to trick the americans into thinking that we had been attacked by egypt thus drawing the gullible american goyim into the then in progress six-day war to do israel's dirty work for them.

there was only one small problem the liberty was able to get off a distress call to the nearby aircraft carrier u.s.s saratoga which sent planes to defend the liberty however when president lyndon johnson -- easily, up to the time of george w. bush, america's most diabolically evil president -- found out he recalled the planes. thirty-four american sailors were murdered, by israel, that day and 171 injured because lyndon johnson said that "he wouldnt embarrass an ally." america has been surrendering our "liberty" to zionism and zionists ever since.

this incident was covered up by admiral john s. mccain, jr., father of the current united states senator from arizona.
The Liberty survivors were told to "shut up." Anyone who talked was threatened with court-martial. "If anyone asks," the sailors were told, "tell them it was an accident." The survivors were dispersed worldwide so that no two men were sent to the same place.
There is no question the Israelis not only intended to sink the Liberty but also to kill the entire crew so that no living witnesses could emerge to point the finger at the Israelis. The Israelis hoped to blame the Arabs for the crime-a long-standing "false flag" technique characteristically used by Israel in numerous acts of terrorism.

and also
videos: the story of the u.s.s. liberty agtr-5 and the act of war committed against the united states by the zionist state of israel and how the government covered it up...and continues to do so....
Victims of the Israeli attack being taken ashore.
photo: gtr5.com
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