30 December 2011

r.i.p. "dixie"

dixie was a sweet dog. extremely timid around people and other dogs -- except puppies. she never had any but loved playing with them.

she seldom left the porch -- except to occasionally engage in perhaps her one vice -- barking at and chasing the cattle around the pasture.

sometimes when she approached, the cows would stand around and look back and forth at each other apparently amused at her aymondesque yapping. other times they would play along and run around like a grizzly bear was after them.

it's unknown what caused her demise. her remains were found in the cow pasture. it didnt appear that she suffered. there were no signs of any sort of trauma or injury.

dixie is interred in the family pet cemetery alongside all the other honored dead, including umpteen dogs, at least one steer and chickens, geese, goats, pigs, guineas, fish and peafowl.