19 December 2011

gannett/the town talk seeks to protect "thecleartruth" anonymous commenter alleged to be controversial alexandria la attorney thomas davenport

in the latest installment of the davenport vs slayter and slayter vs davenport internet defamation litigation -- two extremely contentious lawsuits which have generated massive public interest -- gannett/the alexandria daily town talk a/k/a alexandria newspapers, inc., recently -- through their attorney, andrew p. texada, of the alexandria, la., stafford, stewart & potter law firm, filed a motion and accompanying memorandum for a protective order and to quash a subpoena mr. slayter had served on them for the production of, amongst other things, account information of several past town talk anonymous commenters including:

"thecleartruth;" "thecrazyone2011;" "bigmouth2010;" "speakupnow;" "triplefun4me" and "damnshame123."
we suppose that gannett and the town talk really have no choice but to fight the subpoena -- what with all the fallout gannett received a couple of years ago over their wausau daily herald screw-up.

in any event, the town talk recently switched over to requiring their commenters to log in to and comment through their facebook account.

as we understand it, mr. davenport has maintained all along that he is not one or any of the above anonymous commenters. however, it must be noted that he sure has waged a hard fought and expensive legal battle to keep that information from being released. hmmmmm.