16 December 2011

deville man arrested on a disturbing the peace charge at alexandria city hall

details are sketchy surrounding the 22 november 2011 arrest at alexandria city hall of willard mcbrayer, 50 of deville, louisiana for, according to the alexandria police department: violating La. R.S. 14:103 - disturbing the peace.

according to La. R.S. 14:103B.(1) "whoever commits the crime of disturbing the peace shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars or imprisoned for not more than ninety days, or both."

the only information available is the La. R.S. 44:3A(4) a: Initial Report released this morning to wst... by the city in response to an La. R.S. 44:1 et seq., public records request.

city attorney and public records custodian charles johnson invoked the legal exceptions regarding the release of any information beyond the initial report -- which is of course his right and probably duty to do so.

anyway, for the record his initial response:

The City of Alexandria is not in possession of any public records which are responsive to your request except the initial report. As to all other documents, the City herein invokes the exemptions noted in 44:3 (1) and (3). These are records pertaining to pending criminal litigation and records containing security procedures etc. You may view the initial report at your leisure in my office.
so we requested and received the initial report.

according to that report the disturbance was witnessed by city attorney charles johnson and the investigating officer was cpl. darrell bradley. it's unknown, at least to wst... for now, if mcbrayer is or was a city employee -- this is likely due to the La. R.S. 44:3(4)(a)(b)(i)narrative description of the alleged offense being sorely lacking in well descriptiveness.

rapides parish jail records show that mcbrayer was booked in and released from there on a $250 bond the same day of 22 november 2011. we're attempting to find out if this case is being litigated in the alexandria city court or ninth judicial district court.
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