29 December 2011

eastern hoolock gibbon born christmas day at the santa clarita california gibbon conservation center

we've found ourselves on another wildlife oriented email list. this time on one from the gibbon conservation center (gcc for short) located in santa clarita, california.

this evening, the gcc emailed these photos to announce the christmas day birth of "alan mootnick," an eastern hoolock gibbon.

the little guy gets his name from the founder of the center, alan richard mootnick, who passed away, aged 60, on 04 november 2011, from complications of heart surgery.

according to the information from the link (below) that the gcc provided in their email, the eastern hoolock gibbon is native to southern china (western yunnan) and northeastern myanmar.

His mother's name is Phy Gyi and his father's name is Arthur. Alan is this bonded pair's first infant.

His mother began exhibiting signs of labor on December 24th.

Gabi, the Gibbon Conservation Center's Lead Primate Keeper, checked on her at 11:00 PM on Christmas Eve. Phy Gyi was in her sleeping box and she was quiet.

At 6:30 AM on Christmas morning, Phy Gyi was holding her new infant.

Phy Gyi allows Arthur, the father, to observe and touch Alan. Both the mother and infant are doing very well.

The GCC is one of the few institutions in the world that breeds this species outside of their country of origin.

This site contains additional information about this highly unique species:

Please join the GCC family in welcoming "little" Alan Mootnick to the Gibbon Conservation Center.

We believe that "big" Alan Mootnick is smiling down upon him.
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