06 December 2011

city of pineville, la removes ritchie taser suit to federal court

wst... has learned that attorneys for the city of pineville, louisiana have removed the clevelend ritchie unwarranted arrest and brutal tasing case from the ninth judicial district court to the united states district court, western district of louisiana, alexandria division.

the judge in that case will be the old so called gold firm judge dee drell.

as shown here on wst... just a few days ago in the fred baden lawsuit, that before becoming a federal court judge, then attorney drell was an attorney to the city of pineville.

therefore, it's not unreasonable to assume that this removal is just a ploy on the part of pineville and its attorney, randall keiser, to get this case before a judge most favorable to them.

we believe that due to judge drell's previous close, personal, intimate relationship with the city of pineville, (not to mention paycheck from them) that -- if he hasnt already, he should go ahead and do the honest, honorable thing and recuse himself.


Ritchie vs Pineville Police Dept Removal