08 December 2011

la sec'y of state tom schedler puts to rest the jonathan goins alexandria city council resignation controversy

in what may be the first of its kind La R.S. 44:1 et seq public records request propounded through twitter to a governmental agency, louisiana sec'y of state tom schedler and his extremely kind, helpful, staff in his commissions department, have put to bed once and for all the controversy stirred up by the alexandria, la. shyster, irs tax fraudster, race baiter, evidence and content fabricator, mischief maker, crazy check collecter and piece of shit greg aymond's as usual erroneous "expert legal opinion" as to whether or not resigned alexandria, la., district three councilman jonathan goins will get to vote on his replacement.

as anyone can see from the letter sec'y schedler sent to alexandria city clerk nancy thiels, the secretary of state is relying on the alexandria home rule charter, therefore, mr. goins is indeed former councilman goins and will have no vote on his successor.

we hope this clears up any confusion and dont you feel like a fool listening to a moron like greg aymond?

and oh yeah - you're welcome.

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jonathan goins resignation letter


letter from sec'y schedler to the alexandria city council

UPDATE: possibly higher-res images available at cenlabriarpatch.com here

UPDATE-2 click here to download two page .pdf [45 kb] courtesy cenlabriarpatch.com