15 December 2011

senator david vitter live telephonic town hall meeting

we dont support subversive, treasonous, traitorous senator david vitter at all -- however, having said that we have to give him credit for being pretty darn clever in getting his propaganda out.

this evening at 4:11 p.m., cst, we received a telephone call and on the caller id it read "tele town hall 253-236-2011." we thought that it was some sort of robo-call similar to what we've posted before. so we switched on the recorder and got jumped in to some sort of live telephonic town hall meeting.

unfortunately, around 30 minutes in, the call for whatever reason disconnected.

that's too bad because our question to the senator had to do with the federal reserve. if we had the opportunity to have asked, it would have went something like this:

hello senator vitter -- as you know the federal reserve was created by the unconstitutional federal reserve act of 1913 and furthermore the federal reserve is not a federal agency -- in fact it is a privately owned central bank which creates federal reserve notes out of nothing, backed by nothing and at interest.

this was all proven as far back as the 1950's due to the painstaking research by eustace mullins in his book 'the secrets of the federal reserve.'

so my question is -- would you lead the way and/or support an effort to repeal the federal reserve act of 1913 - if so why and if not why?

link to audio download page

click here to download 227 page .pdf [1.45 mb]