27 December 2011

taliban claims to have downed american drone in southeastern afghanistan

originally aired from 5:30 pm tehran time /// 2:00 pm london time // 8:00 am cst

nato headquarters in kabul confirms to press tv the crash of a u.s. spy drone in paktia province. the taliban posted a statement on their website claiming that their fighters brought the drone down. nato, however, claims that technical problems caused the drone to crash.

press tv correspondent fayez khorshid says that taliban militants have brought down many u.s. drones as well as u.s. led helicopters.

u.s. officials have called on pakistan to reveal its secret military intelligence. washington claims that it needs the information to avoid situations similar to last month's attack in which twenty-four pakistani soldiers were killed.

a suspected cia spy goes on trial in iran. amir hekmati a u.s. citizen of iranian origin is said to have been sent to iran with the intention of infiltrating iran's intelligence ministry.

iranian naval war game drills begin tactical phase. iran's navy has begun the second phase of its drills in international waters beyond the srait of hormuz at the mouth of the persian gulf.

israel protests. a large crowd of secular jews is expected to protest against ultra-orthodox jews who have recently clashed with police over their demands for strict gender segregation and modest dress for women.

palestinians mark the third anniversary of the twenty-two day onslaught conducted against them by the secular jews.

press tv correspondent hassan ghani is live from london where many are gathered outside the israeli embassy to protest on the anniversary of the gaza war.