30 December 2011

mike magnoli makes his way home to connecticut

we can always tell when former kalb tv-5 reporter mike magnoli is up to something. a couple of weeks ago we noticed a surge of lafayette, louisiana googlers wondering what happened to him.

then, last week we began receiving googlers from connecticut looking for information about him, so it didnt take long to figure out that he had joined the "news" team at hartford, connecticut's fox affiliate.

while mr. magnoli was at kalb, we always felt like he was sincere in attempting to report actual news which of course clashed with kalb's policy of suppressing and covering up real news to report fluff instead.

we were surprised that he lasted as long as he did in alexandria and werent taken aback at all when he soon vanished from the airwaves and kalb's website to later turn up down south at lafayette's katc.

we would chide him for taking a job with a faux newz outfit but a job's a job, especially in this economy, right?

anyway, we continue to wish him much success in his career.