12 December 2011

is pepper spray a conservative value?

cross posted from ramzpaul


The video below went viral the past week. According to California law, a police officer is only allowed to use pepper spray if he feels threatened. To me, it did not seem that the police officer was in any danger. Well, maybe his doughnut run was being threatened. And based on his girth, I could see why that would upset him.

Of course, "conservatives" applaud this type of police behavior. Hell, the average conservative would have probably had an orgasm if the cop had shot these kids execution style. Modern conservatism seems to be that of supporting the State at all times. I can imagine seeing the conservatives waving the flag and chanting USA! USA! as the police herds them into concentration camps.

Modern "conservatives" have cheered The Patriot Act, torture, illegal search and seizure and the formation of the Soviet styled Homeland Security. What a sorry lot.

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