13 November 2009

bloggers should stop uploading / embedding fox news clips

"liberal bloggers" are accusing fox news of selectively removing their fox clips from youtube.

on wednesday (11 november 2009) youtube shut down the news1news youtube channel after receiving 150 take down notices from fox.

the raw story's daniel tencer points out that channels of conservative leaning youtube video bloggers sporting fox clips have been left untouched.

but the reason that everyone -- liberal, conservative alike, should boycott fox clips is because you might think that you're a conservative and aligned with fox but if you do something they dont approve of (and you will never know what or why) they can make all your hard work you put into your vids and channel disappear.

so thats why everyone should refrain from ripping, uploading and embedding fox clips. at least until fox issues some sort of fair and balanced guidelines for the uploading of their clips.