07 November 2009

prominent alexandria, la. city government watchdog mike redman dies

UPDATE: from the 17 november 2009 city council meeting
mike redman addresses the alexandria, la. city council on 12 february 2008

screen grab from a youtube clip here

we were very shocked and saddened to learn of mr. mike redman's sudden passing. we never met mr. redman and only knew him from alexandria government access channel 4 where he would address the council and administration from time-to-time over his very deep concerns over the city's drainage woes. occasionally, mr. redman would be interviewed about drainage by local media.

but mr. redman was of course much more than just a channel 4 or media personality. mr. redman always wore his work uniform and we could never figure out where he worked. his obituary reveals that mr. redman was a regional branch manager for foremost dairies and they have lost a good employee as well as their customers who lost a good friend. mr. redman's subordinates have lost a good manager and man.

all that must pale in comparison to the great loss that his family has experienced. we thank them for sharing mr. redman with us. we hope that his family and friends can find some small comfort in that, while, for now, death can kill the body -- it cant kill mr. redman's ideas. mr. redman's ideas live on, on the internet, by word of mouth, to influence future generations of alexandrians not yet born.

michael francis redman obituary from the gannett/town talk or click here to download a two page .pdf [60 kb]

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