19 November 2009

city of alexandria, la. legal committee votes to continue its investigation of mayor jacques roy

here we go with the jacques roy + ems + david pugh + sam sansing + cleco + conflict of interest + fraud + waste + abuse et al. meme again.

the thing about this three year old case, is that all the men on the city council are all men of means who have the resources as well as friends who know how to conduct an investigation. they have had over three years to put something together to show or even suggest that the mayor acted unethically.

yet in all this time they still cant even explain the basics. the legal committee had an agenda item
2. To discuss the Mayor’s potential conflict on the Cleco Case and ability to sign a contract involving the litigation and to discuss potential violation of Article 7.2 of the Charter.
but in all this time they still dont know dates, times, who was deposed (councilman johnson did inform us that he wasnt 'decomposed') definitions, or even the circumstances of the mysterious early 2007 trip mayor roy took to orlando, florida to meet with r.w. beck.

so all this tells us that they dont really want an investigation. they just want something to throw up in the air from time-to-time.

of course it doesnt help matters that the mayor and his crew seem to enjoy using a "former" klansman to constantly "do his dirty work for him," against the blacks on the council. especially, seeing how the mayor is always on about how much he loves black folks n' shit.

curiously, in all this time no one at the very least; out of an abundance of caution, has filed a complaint to the state bar. it would seem that if the office of disciplinary counsel found that the mayor did something wrong -- that would be all the evidence they would need to remove him.

the most that we can figure out they're saying here is that david pugh and sam sansing were energy traders in the employ of cleco. sometime during their employment they discovered that cleco was overcharging the city of alexandria for electricity.

so they ratted cleco out to the city and it gets confusing because the next thing that pugh or pugh and sansing did was incorporate a company called energy management services, l.l.c. (ems) which then got a contract with the city to get paid a percentage of whatever the city collected from cleco's overcharge. nice.

to further complicate things, the gannett/town talk reported in 2006 that "last spring, sansing and fellow ex-cleco employee david pugh formed energy management services."

next comes, cleco corporation v. samuel e. sansing, energy management services, l.l.c. and david keith pugh. aaron sienbeneicher is david pugh's attorney and jacques roy was sam sansing's attorney. -- or maybe jacques roy's brother chris roy, jr. was mr. sansing's attorney and jacques roy was only involved because he is a partner in the firm.

apparently, no one has thought to walk across the street to the parish courthouse and look in the the clerk's file at the court minutes and learn the name of the attorney's who have personally appeared before the bench and/or signed the pleadings.

as far as we know its never been reported who, after jacques roy withdrew, became mr. sansing's attorney. it could be the mayor's brother chris roy, jr. or the mayor's father chris roy but that wouldnt seem to pass the political smell test as people could reason that the mayor was passing along information to them -- after all blood is thicker than water.

anyway, in around june of 2005 the city of alexandria filed a fraud lawsuit against cleco. in september 2005 during hurricane rita, then alexandria, mayor ned randolph fired three of his top hands. some have asked if the mysterious firings were connected to the cleco litigation.

in 2006 jacques roy was elected mayor of alexandria on 07 november 2006 and was sent into that office on 04 december 2006. not 05 december as they say in the video. when someone cant remember important dates like that it makes us wonder what else they are sloppy about.

supposedly, the concern here is that the mayor still represented sam sansing while being privy to the cleco file. some of the cleco file (like the audit) was or is sealed.

then there was the mysterious trip the mayor took to orlando in early 2007 to meet with r.w. beck relative to the city's fraud suit. the legal committee seems to think that the mayor still represented mr. sansing then.

then there is the whole bridgett brown drama swirling around.

one thing is for sure -- the gannett/town talk is desperate to keep a lid on the whole thing. today they reported in "roy: lawson behind potential ethics probe." that story contains the line
Lawson denied leading the charge against Roy, saying Goins and Larvadain got wind of court testimony from Roy's attorney saying the mayor might have committed ethics violations in the Cleco case.
yet they dont bother to tell the reader the name of this attorney. or where is the written or audio transcript of this court testimony and what lawsuit and the date that it happened in. it would seem that a competent reporter would look all that up and either confirm it happened or report that it appears to be a rumor.

one other interesting tidbit that the liars over at gannett/the town talk as well as kalb have suppressed and refused to report was that one of the first acts that jacques roy's brother, state representative chris roy, jr. did after being sworn into office in january 2008 was to award a lucrative tulane legislative scholarship to sam sansing's daughter.

so yeah the whole matter needs investigating. in louisiana though the only group that does public corruption investigations much less prosecutions are the feds.