14 November 2009

sportsman's paradise

its deer hunting season here in the bayou state. when this vid and photo's were taken (01 november 2009) it was bow season for deer.

there is a rather large hunting club in the neighborhood and looks like someone was stealthy enough to harvest a deer. we dont hunt deer but there is certainly nothing wrong with it; is there anything better than sitting around the campfire with your friends enjoying fresh venison backstrap breaded and fried together with onions, french fries, a nice garden salad, hot rolls and washing it all down with your favorite beverage?

or how about breakfast with deer sausage patties, eggs, toast or biscuits, jelly and a tall glass of orange juice.

like the old coonass said: "if the good lord made anything better he kept it for himself."

so what the hunters do is after they field dress their harvest they usually dump the bones, skins and entrails in the woods near one of the entrances to their club. there is nothing wrong with this either. they have to dump them somewhere and the hunters, besides providing the neighborhood dogs with a 'treasure trove' they are also helping to feed all the wild critters during their bleak days of winter - like the coyotes, buzzards and probably raccoons and who knows what other fascinating creatures that you will find lurking around in the swamps and bayou's of our gret state.


our dog 'sha-nay-nay' is enjoying her prize.
so what are you doing here? get yourself outside and enjoy these crisp days of fall.