05 November 2009

louisiana's kleinpeter farms dairy milk and ice cream products now available in north louisiana

this is good news.
Kleinpeter Farms Dairy President Jeff Kleinpeter said that by Tuesday 17 flavors of the company's ice cream will be in 600 new locations through its contract with Jones Distributing Co., of West Monroe, plus in some major chain grocers that Kleinpeter has access to.

Within the past two years, Kleinpeter Farms Dairy has increased its original Baton Rouge and New Orleans service area along the lengths of Interstates 10 and 12 as far west as Calcasieu Parish, and as far east as coastal Mississippi.

The company began offering its ice cream in Lake Charles and Alexandria over the summer.

The company said the recent addition of an ice cream flavor called "Ruston Peach" inspired the move into north Louisiana.

"Having Ruston peaches in our ice cream, which already contains sugar from Louisiana sugarcane growers and milk from Louisiana cows, means our ice cream now has Louisiana ingredients from the coast all the way up to near the Arkansas state line," he said in a news release.

Kleinpeter Farms Dairy began making ice cream in 2007, in part as an outlet for the additional raw milk it produced.

It soon began making a point of using Louisiana ingredients and aggressively marketing its flavors, which use Louisiana sugar cane, Bergeron Pecans, Ponchatoula strawberries, Bruce Foods' sweet potatoes, Community Coffee, Elmer's Gold Brick Eggs, Aunt Sally's Pralines and Louisiana-grown blueberries. ~ read more