24 November 2009

u.n. observer: flooding in new orleans area was a man-made disaster

via what really happened


The whole country is talking about how a federal judge has ruled that our nation's federal Army Corps of Engineers let metro New Orleans residents down.
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This is an important change in the course of history, and we must help give this new information some "legs."

But time is of the essence.

Please go to YouTube and watch our new 3-minute video about why all of us must resist saying that "Katrina flooded New Orleans."

As author John McQuaid, author of Path of Destruction notes, using Katrina 'shorthand' is confusing because of its underlying associations of "natural disaster swamps city below sea level - what the heck are those people doing living down there?"

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Help show America that levee failure and flooding is a national issue!

Help show that all of us need to be engaged!

Thank you!
Sandy Rosenthal
Founder and national spokesperson levees.org

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Click here for John McQuaid's discussion of the cruelty of Katrina shorthand.

Click here for Washington Post editorial today on Judge Duval's ruling.

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