14 June 2011

"amber" on louisiana speed trap woodworth louisiana

My name is Amber, I was traveling from Austin TX to Jena LA to visit my parents, I was watching my speed very closely using my cruise controll to insure I did not accidently go over the limit.

It was midnight and I was the only car on the highway, sure enough, as soon as I left the 65 mph zone, I reset my cruise to 55 mph, which is what the posted speed was, as soon as I passed the 55mph sign I saw police lights.

The snaggled toothed Police officer insisted that I was going 66 in a 55. I told him NO, I was watching my speed and setting my cruise accordingly, he still issued the ticket.

What goes around does come around. I was not going 66, I wasn't even going 55, I set my cruise 4 mph below what is posted. I don't understand how they can get away with this.
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