09 June 2011

texe marrs interview of former mormon and freemason bill schnoebelen


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texe marrs interviews bill schnoebelen who is a former freemason and mormon about his recent video "mormonism's temple of doom 2011.".


mr. schnoebelen says that he left mormonism in1986 because he read the bible and encountered the real jesus."the bible is the best anti-mormon literature ever," he said and added "so the more you read the bible -- the more you will discover that the lds church is a fake."

when asked to give "two or three major reasons" why he believes the mormon church is not a truly christian church, mr. schnoebelen replied; "mainly [mormons] of course, dont believe that jesus is almighty god. they believe he's a god. they believe he's a son of god but they will never call him lord and of course we're told in the new testament you cant call jesus christ the lord except by the power of the holy spirit;

so these people have a different jesus and they teach for example that what he did on calvary did not save us. rather, the fact that he shed drops of blood in the garden of gethsemane was what saved us and paradoxically one of their early apostles, orson pratt, taught that the blood of jesus christ had no more spiritual power than the blood of a dead dog."

another reason that mr. schnoebelen gives is that mormonism teaches that "we're saved by grace through faith after all that we can do, so theirs is a religion of works -- they dont believe that they are saved by grace;"

one of the dangers of electing a mormon, such as the mormon flip romney to the presidency is their eschatological belief in the role mormons are to play in america. "they believe that it's their destiny to save the [u.s.] constitution and that one of their members, a high priest in their church, which mitt romney, by the way is a high priest, so this guy is highly connected. mitt romney -- he's not just a financier and a politician and a former governor. he's a high priest in the mormon church;

and he has been to the temple, he has taken oaths in the temple, that he will put his allegiance to the prophet (the prophet being the head of the mormon church) and the mormon church's interests above anything else."

"so [mormons] think that at some point, the constitution of the united states will hang-by-a-thread and then a high priest of their faith will come in and save america and create a benevolent dictatorship called 'the united order;'

which is a communistic -- i mean that not in the atheistic sense but in the sense of a communitarian -- where everybody owns everything in common, you know kinda like an israeli kibbutz, with him, this prophet, this leader ruling america as a dictator;

that's what they believe. so, literally for over a hundred years, they have been trying to get a mormon high priest in the white house;

and right now they're closer than they've ever been."

regarding the mormon glenn beck, mr. schnoebelen says that beck is really aiming to become some sort of spiritual/messianic leader. "[beck] believes that he can become a god. that's the third thing about the mormon church that's a real problem -- if you're a bible believing christian;

every mormon if they understand and [beck] says that he studied it very thoroughly, before he joined the church, because he used to be supposedly an alcoholic and went through aa and all that kind of stuff and then i guess he met this woman who was a mormon and she talked him into joining the church;

now of course he's totally sold on it. but mormons believe they can become a god. they think that someday if they are true and faithful to all the covenants they make in the temple and they get married and have children and of course he's done all that i assume;

they will someday become a god and have their own planet. their own solar system that they will reign over just like 'heavenly father' reigns over our planet;

now you tell that to any christian and they're gonna think you're a nut case;

of course glenn beck never mentions that and the problem i have with all this is -- you know i used to watch his show faithfully, i've kinda gotten disgusted with it lately but i was just keeping an eye on him;

he'd have people like david barton and like jerry falwell, jr., i think it was, you know the guy who's now head of liberty university, which is actually my alma mater, you know and they're on there schmoozing with glenn beck making it sound like 'oh we're all one big happy family of believers in jesus' and the damage that does is incalculable to the cause of christ;

because it would be like sitting down and schmoozing with osama bin laden, you know. glenn beck's theology is as far off in one direction -- as islam is in another direction."