17 June 2011

HB 581 alexandria la civil service reenactment act 2011 senate committee hearing

louisiana state representative chris roy jr.'s controversial and "contentious" city of alexandria, la. civil service reenactment act of 2011 was heard on 16 june 2011 by the louisiana state senate local & municipal affairs committee. HB 581 was reported favorably.

this clip begins shortly after the previous bill was heard because there was a brief recess and during that time the camera and mic were both live so you can witness the small talk and banter between senator joe mcpherson, representative herbert dixon, representative roy and city of alexandria, la. chief operating officer kay michiels.

here is a deep link to the archived video itself;

our clip begins around the 01:21.00 mark and representative roy's introduction is from 01:31.00 senate local and municipal affairs committee 2011 broadcast archive.

gannett/the alexandria daily town talk's treatment of this hearing in today's paper is here.


link to video watch/download page