03 June 2011

zionists give false name to judaism

rabbi yisroel dovid weiss
all photos credit neturei karta international
jews united against zionism

recently, rabbi yisroel dovid weiss and fellow rabbis and colleagues from neturei karta international and other interested individuals and organizations were in tehran, iran to attend and speak to the "international conference on global alliance against terrorism for a just peace."
oh and look who's in the front row -- could it be satan? no, it's iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad
====there he is again ... hmmmm

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Neturei Karta Rabbis, Yisroel Dovid Weiss from USA and and Yeshaye Rosenberg from Canada joined an International conference on Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace, in Tehran, Iran on May 14-15, 2011
later rabbi weiss and others sat down for an in studio interview at the press tv tehran studio;

rabbi yisroel dovid weiss: "with the help of the almighty should bestow upon me his wisdom and his truth -- i should be able to convey his truth -- that our rabbis always said that we do not want to hurt the feelings or belittle the terrible nakba -- the catastrophe, when its the palestinian people but to us, as jews, it is even a greater nakba.

being that zionism and its development into the state of israel, is a transformation of judaism -- the religion -- subservience to the almighty.

what it meant to all the thousands of years this covenant we made with god and it's a simple transformation from that into a base materialism. a nationalistic goal.

it was created a mere hundred-odd years ago, by people who detested the religion -- theodor herzl and so forth and what they're doing is uprooting the soul of the jewish people from around the world and it says in our torah 'if you make one sin it is worse than if you kill him.'

and jews gave their lives for the religion and by the second world war, by hitler, many jews when they had the option of giving up their children to convents and things to be saved they said we'd rather prefer they die as a jew than live out their whole lives not knowing and they'll be transgressing the laws of the torah.

i would just like to explain with god's help, the concept of zionism which is this nationalism -- not only in its concept it's rooted in blasphemy -- 'god doesnt protect us so we have to have our own protection.'

but god foresaw this type of thinking and he therefore put us under oath that we are -- from king solomon -- that we are not to rebel against any nation. we should be loyal citizens of every country we reside in. we should not go back en mass to the holy land and we should not make any attempt to end exile.

so therefore the concept of a jewish sovereignty is antithetical to judaism, forbidden. even one inch of jewish sovereignty. even if it would be uninhabited, the land, it would be forbidden for jews and therefore for thousands of years jews never attempted to make their own homeland."

marzieh hashemi (born in new orleans): "so you're basically saying that it is against judaism for the jews, jewish people, to have their own state, am i correct?"

rydw: "that, but it's much more important to just remember that that's just one facet of the picture. because being that they've created their state, to gain legitimacy, they made it this national home in palestine and claim it's in the name of judaism.

they use the jewish name to claim that it's some godly issue. they've hijacked and kidnapped the name jews and now so they've come upon a technical problem that the palestinian people living there. they've banished them from their homes. all the atrocities, all the over sixty years this terrible nakba. to us our hearts are rent.

jews in palestine and around the world who are true to the torah -- our hearts are rent by the suffering of the people.

the ongoing, everyday a new tragedy. today what we've witnessed, the ongoing, our hearts are rent and we mourn and to us it's a double nakba and a triple nakba because we are frustrated.

its being done in our name. so, it is just there are no words to describe this nakba we want and we pray for speedy and total peaceful dismantlement of the state -- this impediment to peace."
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