15 June 2011

interesting comment on american zombie blog about former chief of the apd roger tully

last month the new orleans based american zombie blog, made some pretty big news due to a role that it played in the mark st. pierre corruption case and how it was revealed in court, that mr. st. pierre and others reacted to american zombie blog posting(s) about them. see 25 may 2011, new orleans time-picayune mark st. pierre lashed out at media when payments to greg meffert aired.

anyway, as everyone in the alexandria-central louisiana knows last friday (09 june 2011) roger tully resigned as chief of the apd.

this move didnt bother us at all as we had already surmised and opined that mr. tully was a lousy choice. (word to the mayor: we think loren lampert is two).

so anyway, the point, assuming there is one, of this post, is that we noticed that on 11 june 2011 the american zombie blog posted what amounted to a link to the gannett/the town talk report about mr. tully's resignation -- which in turn drew a fascinating comment about mr. tully and his possible connection to the whole mark st. pierre, et al mess that az itself is involved in:

imagine that.

Anonymous said...
Roger Tulley was part of MMR Group's political patronage crew. He testified on behalf of Mark St. Pierre and Imagine/veracent/netmethods. Looks like Former CTO of baton rouge don evans indictment is coming soon.
June 12, 2011 11:01:00 AM CDT
we will attempt to verify this comment on our own, (the testifying part) as soon as we figure out who to call (probably mr. letten's office?) that would readily know if accurate or not. that is, of course, unless the main stream media beats us to it.