15 June 2011

HB 581 chris roy jr's city of alexandria la civil service reenactment act 2011 to be heard by senate committee

thursday 16 june 2011, the state senate local and municipal affairs committee will hear state representative chris roy, jr's controversial HB 581 which will purportedly remake the alexandria civil service commission in his brother the alexandria mayor's image -- although representative roy did get an amendment adopted by the house committee on municipal, parochial and cultural affairs. -- 25 may 2011. committee video on demand here.

committee agenda

the local and municipal affairs committee will meet in room "f." upon adjournment and you may watch the committee meeting live from legis.state.la.us

HB 581 passed the state house on 6 june 2011 by a vote of 79 - 12. herbert dixon voted nay. the house floor debate video on demand is available here. house journal page 28.