16 June 2011

louisiana conservative blog welcomes a "black conservative" blogger

"Catfish" makes his grand introduction to LouisianaConservative.com LIVE from New Orleans, Louisiana at the Republican Leadership Conference
okay homes, we'll give ya some shine...but first -- naturally, we dont agree with much, if anything, that catfish writes. although, we're in agreement certainly with the concept of conservatism, which is of course not practiced in any way whatsoever by the modern RINOrepublican party ... and his pimpin' the huckster is particularly painful ... however, he writes:
"After being an independent all my life because I refused to be a democrat just because I’m black, and I was skeptical yet uniformed of the republican party, I have fully identified as a conservative because I have listened fully to both sides."

catfish also noted that he's "willing to openly praise and criticize, agree and disagree just the same for any speaker who steps up to that mic, regardless of my conservative views."
another thing he writes is that he was born in 1979 and fortunately missed out falling victim to the spell that ronnie raygun and his astrologer cast to promote the ronnie raygun fairy tail. so it could be interesting to watch and see if catfish ever has his "eureka!" moment and goes back to being an independent.

UPDATE: louisiana conservative.com "delicate palate for catfish...and reggie"