07 October 2011

shreveport man gets 15 years for stealing $100.00 (2009)

we didnt get around to checking our site stats until just a few minutes ago and noticed that roy brown is back on the news somewhere and that we're again receiving quite a few referrals from my bossier.

unfortunately, the my bossier blog didnt deep link directly to the post, choosing instead to provide a generic link to our main page of www.wesawthat.blogspot.com.

anyway, if you're arriving here from my bossier looking for the roy brown post the link is:


thanks again for your interest.

----ORIGINAL POST of 24 JUNE 2011----

for some mysterious reason, mr. roy brown, the shreveport, louisiana man who received a fifteen year prison sentence for stealing $100.00 [currently 71.00 eur] is back on the radar of the blogosphere or in the news ... somewhere ... possibly in europe.

so, if you're arriving here from this post at my bossier -- then click here to go to that post.
UPDATE: thanks to this tweet by @maxblumenthal we've finally figured out why our 2009 roy brown post has received so much global attention.