03 October 2011

herman cain upset by rick perry's niggerhead ranch parties

via: twitter @rawstory

herman cain and rick perry are both nutty'er than airy ah fruitcake; how they've gotten as far as they have, politically -- shows how gullible americans are ...

are the republicans even attempting to beat obama or just running a freek show? does it even matter anymore?

anyway, on sunday morning, herman cain tells christiane amanpour on the abc "this week" program, how offended he is by the name of "niggerhead," which the land in and around rick perry's hunting club is called and that there, the word was even painted like a sign on a big rock. gee.

nevermind, that the place was called that before perry (and likely his father too) were born; as far back as the cowboys who drove their cattle to it. it was a pasture by a fork in the brazos river; depending on who you rode with, they called, matthews, nail or niggerhead;

the hunting camp and the property are so secluded and so far off the beaten path that the only people who even know of it are a handful of locals. throckmorton, county, texas 2010 census population: 1,641.

this all seems like much-ado-about-nothing and cain's bringing up the so called "n word" within this context, besides making himself appear childish, petty and more than a bit desperate, pretty much makes those who are sincerely insulted by and speak out against its cavalier use, look silly too.

especially, when seriously there are so many of perry's bad gubernatorial policies and programs to bring up.

herman cain supports the privately owned, federal reserve and doesnt mind shucking & jiving; mooning & cooning racial buzz words on cue and if he's so great then why did the godfather's pizza in alexandria [la] close?

be that what it may, it was actually, republican propagandist - the nutty professor, who said it well, albeit referring to state of louisiana gubernatorial politics, when he recently wrote:

The good news is that the peculiarities of these minor candidates will make for entertaining, if not amusing, coverage that in other years would go largely, perhaps totally, unreported.

The bad news is that it degrades political discourse into daytime TV talk show territory that encourages the replacement of substantive debate with vapid non sequiturs that distract more than inform, as in this instance. ~ Amusing, but minor candidate wackiness degrades debate