11 October 2011

fascinating political defamation case developing on my bossier


Attorneys for Duke Lowrie filed a lawsuit in Bossier District Court today against Jeff Thompson for damages for defamation and breach of attorney-client privilege.

Lowrie and Thompson are both running for the District 8 House seat left open by Jane Smith. ~ read more

sounds like defamation with a twist. on the one hand, it will be interesting to see how the litigants show and how the court will rule about when and how the attorney-client privilege attaches.

especially since, according to my bossier, the plaintiff is claiming that it was breached by the attorney. tut tut

currently, the louisiana rules of professional conduct refers to it as the 'client - lawyer relationship.' [from rule 1.1].

then on the other, how the plaintiff will survive an article 971 motion.

we doubt that the defamation claim will go very far ... or this suit, since its political and no telling what they all got on each other.

in any event, we hope that my bossier gets to post all the pleadings and fixes his link to our roy brown post lol.