12 October 2011

the wiggins wiggle versus the dopey rino shuffle

needless to say that on 22 october 2011, we wont be voting for dopey rino chris hazel in louisiana house district 27.

lord knows, the reasons to vote this chump out are legion but we've pointed out a few.

such as in 2008 when hazel put louisiana school children at risk of injury when he sponsored a bill HB1153 not at the behest of any parent, principal, teacher, school superintendent or parent-teacher school group but for a special interest group making illegal a simple tool that many school children in america already use to make their back packs and carry bags more secure and useful to use, as a shield to ward off bullets and knife attacks.

in 2008 SB87 the rino hazel voted no to the elimination state income taxes while the liberals chris roy jr and herbert dixon voted yes!

again in 2008 hazel, ever the rino, joined with corrupt, criminal lake charles democratic state senator willie landry mount and the corrupt, criminal monroe rino kay "bucket of bolts" katz when neither one of them is the least little bit about good health and welfare, in their draconian SB312 to mandate the application of medication into the states water supply against our will and without our informed consent all at the behest of chemical manufacturers and big pharma.

chris hazel is a total special interest & lobbyist puppet. his tee vee commercials are a total lie. he should be ashamed.

dont take out word for it. spend an hour over on legis.state.la.us down beneath where it says "bill search" there is a drop down box it says "view a list of instruments by legislator" click hazel (or any of their names) and you will see a list of bills that he filed for that year.

use the "selection a session" at the top to go from session to session. the default is the most recent session.

anyway, late yesterday afternoon we received this chris hazel flyer in the mail. we didnt think much about it at first other than that from looking at it closely that it appeared that hazel must have his buddy the alexandria la shyster greg aymond in the back running photoshop.

then last night we received a few googlers from around locally who were looking for more information from the flyer. particularly at "town talk, apr.24,1999."

its supposedly a cite to one of the flyer's "facts":

Fact: Sued for hiding public documents from a constituent.2
unfortunately, there are only two people running in this race so if we vote it will have to be for randy wiggins. further hampering our motivation to vote is that mr. wiggins is endorsed by that horrid cenla gopac crowd -- the same gang who endorsed hazel four years ago. bleh

this suit is problematic for mr. wiggins in that he didnt want to give up public records including his correspondence with other elected and high government officials such as then alexandria mayor ned randolph, then alexandria chief of the apd, thomas cicardo and the then city of alexandria, la. attorney, charles nunnally.

the plaintiff is rick farrar, represented by greg jones.

the then dist # 27 state representative randy wiggins is represented by house clerk butch speer and house attorney mary f. quaid.

we believe that it is a waste of taxpayer resources to put the state house clerk and another full-time employee, to work, looking for ways to keep a louisiana legislator from producing public records.

but this was a political suit and as we mentioned in our previous post they dont tend to go very far.

likewise, the rapides parish clerk of court's website contains no record of there ever being a judgment handed down.

the clerk of court shows that the last court action in this case was on 28 june 1999 when judge harry randow took it under advisement.

the final file entry is from 02 march 2007 when the rapides parish clerk of court refunded greg jones $148.34.

click picture to enlarge


included in the below file is:
rick farrar's petition for declaratory judgment, writ of mandamus and/or injunctive relief
randy wiggin's answer and dilatory and peremptory exceptions
randy wiggin's motion for continuance
randy wiggin's memorandum in support of exceptions
rick farrar's first supplemental and amending petition
rick farrar's memorandum in opposition to exceptions
rick farrar's supplemental memorandum in opposition to exceptions.


Farrar vs Wiggins 25 March 1999
click here to download 53 page .pdf [1.93 mb]