13 October 2011

"campaign eddie" with the lowdown on la house district 27 race: randy the wiggler wiggins versus dopey rino chris hazel

this is actually the second robo call that we've received from "campaign eddie." the first one we missed because we didnt have our digital audio recorder hooked up.

"campaign eddie" says that chris hazel's wife was appointed to a powerful state board and that her employer received $15,000,000 in state of louisiana contracts - many of them no-bid awards.

you can tell that this robo call isnt exactly honest and forthright because its not interested in exposing hazel's treasonous, traitorous activities and that he is a rino -- instead choosing to mention some unnamed law in the second part.

"campaign eddie" refers to some law that hazel passed that "limited seniors rights," (what about all of us who's rights hazel has trampled numnuts) that subversive rino and weasel piyush "bobby" jindal had to veto....in spite of all the laws he has signed to take away our rights...

all things considered, we are finding this "campaign eddie" series of robo calls to be better than the usual generic ones we receive and has the potential to be highly effective.


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