17 October 2011

house candidate la - 08: louisiana trial lawyer calls in the trial lawyers for help after being held out to be ... a trial lawyer...


one reason why wst... is not for tort reform -- wst... is for for lawyer reform ...

if lawyers; especially louisiana lawyers have a bad reputation then that is their own fault! because:

if louisiana had honest respectable lawyers and judges on the state supreme court, running the state bar and the attorney disciplinary board, the judiciary commission, the law schools, local bar and so forth, then the creation of such political advertising against a lawyer wouldnt be conceivable, much less believable, because a lawyer with a bad reputation would be an unknown thing.

however, we can draw from our own experiences over the past two years or so, along with those of a lot of other people to understand that louisiana courts are a huge scam.

louisiana judges and lawyers offend heaven;

clerks of court are corrupt whilst the marshal's look the other way.

we only know that what we know and may only see duke lowrie's flyers in that light and we dont see anything out of line in his reminding, warning, even ... the populace on the hazards of placing a lawyer in elective office.

we'd advise all lawyers who receive this email not to waste your money giving it to this guy ...instead ... grow a backbone and start speaking out about all the corruption; all the fraud and abuse that exists in the louisiana judicial system - its phenomenal. you know it -- expose it! after all, you never know who's listening in.

Our profession is under attack

Dear Colleague:

As you may know, Jeff Thompson is a candidate for the Louisiana House of Representatives for District 08. The election is this Saturday, October 22nd. Getting people to the polls is going to be crucial, and is made more challenging by the LSU home game against Auburn that day.

Rather than address the issues, Jeff’s opponent has resorted to negative and false attacks. Lowrie has already spent more than $175,000 of his own money in this race and now recognizes the fact he must resort to false allegations and attacks to in an all-out effort to defeat Jeff at any cost. He has even filed a completely meritless lawsuit alleging that Jeff violated attorney/client privilege. This suit is a political stunt and is an abuse of the legal system. It is an example of frivolous litigation Lowrie claims to oppose.

The attacks Lowrie has resorted to also include a series of all out assaults on our profession. Attached are copies of the various direct mail pieces sent throughout the district. Please take a moment to read over them and see for yourself the ridiculous claims asserted. If you share my frustration at the implications and assault not only on Jeff, but on our profession, I ask that you please join me in this final week of the campaign and help.

How can you do that?

Make a financial contribution to help offset the tens of thousands of dollars in media buys and efforts Lowrie is making as a final effort in continuing the vicious, unfounded attacks which are certain to come in the last days leading up to the election. You can do that by making a secure online donation right now by clicking: contribute online here. You can also write a check, which we will gladly come and pick up. Just call me at (318) 747-7466 and let me know and someone will be right over.

Early voting has already ended, so if you live in Bossier or Benton, please be sure to vote this Saturday, October 22, and take your family and friends with you!

Help us with volunteers. You, your family members, runners or office staff could be used to assist with the campaign in these final days. We have things to do all day every day, so no matter when someone wants to help, we can put them to work! We are particularly working for a large turnout of volunteers for this Friday and Saturday. No amount of time is too small and all efforts would be very much appreciated. Just let us know by reply email or telephone call when volunteers may be available.
Desperate candidates do desperate things, and this election cycle has seen some incredible instances of mudslinging, misrepresentations, unfounded attacks and outright lies. We cannot sit idly by and allow these meritless assaults to continue. The price of getting that message out to the voters is increasing and your assistance in defense of not only our friend and colleague, but of our profession, calls us all to action. Please act now (contribute online here). Please also ask others to join us.

Thank you.
Richard Ray
Work: (318) 747-7466
Cell: (318) 426-4241