22 September 2008

america reduced to third world status

America Reduced To Third World Status
Federal Reserve leads bloodless economic assault, effectively
suspending constitution. Average Americans become
slave to trillions of dollars of Wall Street Debt
By Joan Veon
The Women's International Group, Inc.
World history is spotted with stories of political conquests: Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, the Pharaohs, Alexander the Great, and Roman Caesars, each who seized physical control of a country, its economy and assets. History holds no story of a take over based solely on a country's assets, until now. The modern day Attila's, Genghis Khan's, Pharaoh's, and Caesar's are the men who own and control the Central Banks of the world. America's Central Bank is the Federal Reserve, which controls our monetary system, is not part of our governmental system, and, although its name would imply, it has no reserves.

The 13th month of America's credit crisis may hold its own in history as a country whose economic power and bulk of wealth overnight become the assets of the Federal Reserve. This may well be the finest coup d'état.

For more than a week the news media has been a buzz, clamoring for the need to change our regulatory system. The passage, by Congress, of "The Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory System," will hand over to the Federal Reserve the last vestiges of our financial sovereignty: savings and loans; state chartered banks; thrifts and credit unions; the entire mortgage and insurance systems, as well as oversight of the Payment and Settlement System of Wall Street. In addition, the Feds would gain oversee rights to all of America's financial markets. (To read "The Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure", go to http://www.ustreas.gov) or download the 212 page .pdf here. [1.91 MB]

Most Americans can't fathom what is really happening. How could something like this happen in America? How did people who lived through the 1929 Crash and Great Depression manage when everything they knew changed overnight? The answer is: they were not in debt the way Americans are today. Multi-generations lived together, all working to pay off the mortgage. Additionally, a great many families lived on farms where they could raise their own food. Today, we are dependent on large banks for our mortgage and debt and big grocery stores for our food rather than our own farm.
I believe there will be major changes in the mortgage market here in America. It will be globalized and changed to the same kind of feudalistic structure that the Europeans and Commonwealth countries have. According to my research, America's move to feudalism is in the process of being finalized. The backbone of the middle class is home ownership which also includes the property under the building. I believe that the new system will change America's entire mortgage structure to leasehold, a system used all over Europe whereby individuals will pay a monthly rent to the owner of the property that their house sits on. There will be a total restructuring of property rights in America to fit our new third world status. All of the rights of property ownership will be changed forever-gone with the wind. If you don't have a mortgage, you do not need to worry.

The need to pass massive legislation by Monday morning or by Friday afternoon the latest, is indicative of the high stakes of what will change and the assets that are about to transfer from the American taxpayer to the Federal Reserve. Congress is being blackmailed. The Treasury Blueprint lays this all out. ~ read more