12 September 2008

friday 12 september 2008 hurricane ike pre landfall central louisiana weather forecast

clip originally aired friday 12 september 2008 in the noon newscast
kalb meteorologist nick mikulas says that between 10 p.m. and midnight tonight central louisiana will see some heavier rain. then, saturday morning more heavy rain.

mr. mikulas says that he has upped the wind a little bit. he is forecasting peak wind gusts of around 55 - 65 mph (89 - 105 km/h) with around 3 - 7" (8 - 18 cm) of rain.

mr. mikulas says not to be fooled by these numbers just because they arent as high as hurricane gustavs'. mr. mikulas reminds us that central louisiana still has a lot of gustav water around "so three to seven inches could do the same as fifteen inches (38.1 cm) did from gustav [in alexandria/central louisiana]."

mr. mikulas says that he is worried about the flooding threat as well as the tornado threat.